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Centerless grinding of front forks

Front forks

General characteristics

Tube diameter 30 mm
Tube length 580
Material SAE 1541
Hardness 32 - 35 HRC
Througfeed rate 1,8 m/min
Type of dresser Multipoint (21)
Coolant 3%, synthtic or semi-synthetic



Grinding process

Machine Cincinnati 3-500 Cincinnati 3-500 Cincinnati 220-8
Grinding wheel 2WAA60.5/125/OL240-P AWA401/ 240-P 400FK200B-P
Wheel dimensions 610 x 508 x 305 610 x 508 x 305 510 x 205 x 305
Regulating wheel A80RL A180RL A180RL
Wheel dimensions 355,6 x 508 x 152,4 / 2 355,6 x 508 x 152,4 / 2 305 x 205 x 127 / 2
Stock removal 0,15 – 0,17 mm 0,01 – 0,04 mm 0,002 – 0,003 mm
Dressing frequency 1 time/shift 1 time/shift 1 time/shift
Surface roughness (Ra) 0,3 – 0,5 0,06 – 0,08 0,05 – 0,06
Lifespan 80.000 units 80.000 units 80.000 units